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Vision Candles are hand poured in Michigan and made with 100% natural, American made soy bean wax.
We use all natural cotton, lead-free wicks, producing a clean, long-lasting burn.
Interwoven, cotton threaded wicks burn best when trimmed 1/4 inch.
Vision candles are good for consumers and the environment.
Our products are sustainable and help support the American agricultural and local community.

All natural soy candles are a healthy alternative to paraffin, releasing NO toxic chemicals when burned.

Vision Candles not only burn cleaner but slower too. 
All natural soy candles can burn up to twice as long as paraffin…sometimes even longer!

Vision Candles are created with essential oils, producing natural scent throws, both hot and cold.

Visualize your dreams, feel good and light your Vision Candle today!